The healthcare and pharma arena has a proper necessity of innovation. Most of the big companies spend every year more the 10% of the their income in R&D or adopt a different approach, the acquisition of innovative little companies or start-up.

Johnson & Johnson tries the third way: invest into a start-up incubator to accelerate the innovative solutions from design to ‘go to market’, this is JLABS.

I personally think that this is a winning point: J&J has not only the necessary funds to invest and to put together the necessary facilities to facilitate the scientists/start-uppers, but J&J as all the pharma/healthcare companies knows very well the regulatory and registration mechanisms in this complex market and that’s why they put together an ecosystem to help te new-co on these tasks.


Below you can find some of the most interesting research companies included by the JLABS program: consider also the cross-pollination process which could be a natural consequence of having all people working in the same place who could have same problem / solutions to share.

Analytics 4 Life (A4L) has developed a proprietary signal processing and machine intelligence platform, Agilytics™, to produce machine-learned solutions for the purposes of detecting disease. Agilytics™ works by mathematically deciphering critical patterns and relationships from billions of captured data points paired with clinical results.

Mediphage Bioceuticals (MB) is a School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo research group and spin-off biotechnology firm that focuses on the manipulation of bacteriophages to develop new therapeutics and cosmeceuticals.

Vasomune Therapeutics is a Toronto-based biotechnology company developing first in class therapies to target a range of acute vascular complications. 

Densitas Inc. is an ISO 13485-certified medical technology company that develops data-driven solutions for clinical decision making. 

DoseBiome is focused on innovative oral microbiome research that improves the microbial ecosystem in the mouth by preventing diseases such as dental caries and periodontal conditions. 










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