Commecial Excellence

After some years of experience, I’m trying to put together the most accurate description of my current job. 

The Commercial Excellence Manager is a pure cross-functional role, but always with clear targets in mind: he/her must identify the goals, enhance the right strategy to reach them, declining the high management message, but hearing and collecting the field needs as well.

It could be defined as a pure technophile, but the adoption of the new tech is only functional to speed up workflow, improve process, help the organization.

He/She definitely a team player, having discussion with C level  and few minutes later with single employees on the field: thirsty of information coming from customer and internal components too, he/she try to do a synthesis and to propose different points of view to the organization.

I think that most of the people don’t know so much about Commercial Excellence, also due to a kind of professional vertical structure in which many times we are used to think.

As said many times, as a mantra,  by the Six Sigma Master Black Belt, sometimes it’s necessary to do two steps behind to see the overall picture: this is probably the real task that a Commercial Excellence must not ever forget.

It’s probably a personal prospective, I’ll happy to receive any feedback: at the end of the day this is the tentative to put together a rational description of an amazing job, which sometimes seems a little difficult to describe.

I hope you’ll appreciate.Thank you.

Commercial Excellence Manager infographic