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Get your kids coding with SONY’s clever building blocks

SONYSony introduced the blocks in Japan last year. A companion app teaches programming concepts like looping and “if-then” logic. Sony developed the app’s curriculum using MIT’s drag-and-drop Scratch programing language. Early lessons start with simple questions like:
What is code?
What can you do with it?

From there, kids build a glowing lantern that turns on and off from a motion-detecting sensor. A more advanced lesson include a dancing, singing penguin and concepts like looping and coding with randomized numbers. Click here for more…

Author: Liz Stinson

Medicine is going Digital. The FDA is racing to catch Up

FDA going DigitalToday, machine learning powers more and more medical device software. And because it is always learning and improving, it is constantly changing products on the fly.
For most regulators, an ever-changing algorithm is their worst nightmare. But Bakul Patel is one of those rare Washington bureaucrats who’s also a fervently optimistic futurist. And he’s got big plans to get federal regulators off Washington time and up to Silicon Valley speeds.
To do that, the FDA is creating a new unit dedicated strictly to digital health. Patel will be hiring 13 engineers—software developers, AI experts, cloud computing whizzes—to prepare his agency to regulate a future in which health care is increasingly mediated by machines. Click here for more… (WIRED)

Intel’s 15 billion reasons why an AI Chip revolution has arrived

Intel AIAI isn’t just changing internet services, cars, robotics, and healthcare. It’s changing the computer chip market too. This shift was underlined when Intel said it would pay $15.3 billion to acquire Mobileye, an Israeli company that makes chips and cameras for cars and trucks, including the self-driving variety. The purchase will be Intel’s second largest ever, following its $16.7 billion acquisition of chip-maker Altera in 2015. The Altera buy was also driven, in part, by the recent rise of machine learning, where machine can learn discrete tasks on their own. Click here for more…

Author: Klint Finley