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AT&T’s new smartwatch will drive transformation in healthcare


AT&T is connecting the first medical wearable certified for its LTE-M low-powered network.
The carrier teamed up with OneLife Technologies Corp, a mobile healthcare software and data-collection company, to develop the OnePulse smartwatch, which is designed with telehealth and remote patient monitoring capabilities.

The OnePulse smartwatch will be available for purchase by healthcare providers in March.

AT&T is also exploring ways to transform the healthcare space beyond connected wearables, making the company a more attractive partner for providers looking for a wide range of digital health solutions.

In January, the carrier landed a partnership with Chicago-based Rush University Medical Center to become the first US hospital to leverage 5G.

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Wearable ‘soft hardware’ weaves in embedded electronics

Researchers at MIT have demonstrated how it was possible to embed and connect high speed optoelectronic semiconductor devices, including LEDs and diode photodetectors impermeably within polymer fibers as they are extruded to create “smart fabrics.”

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Detailing their technique in a Nature paper titled “Diode fibers for fabric-based optical communications“, the researchers started with a polymer fiber preform whose bulk contained hundreds of micro-sized LEDs, alongside hollow channels through which they fed copper or tungsten wires as the preform was heated up and drawn into thin fibres.