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Tesla to build world’s largest battery storage system in Australia

TESLAThe company was selected to provide a 100 MW/129 MWh Powerpack lithium-ion battery storage system near Jamestown, South Australia. The system will be paired with a nearby wind farm, which it will use as a charging source so that it can then deliver electricity during peak hours to help maintain reliable operation of the area’s electrical infrastructure.
The move for a more sustainable energy solution in the area was prompted by a severe storm that caused a state-wide blackout last September in South Australia, leaving 1.7 million residents without electricity. Additional blackouts occurred during the Australian summer in early 2017.
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Tesla’s new ‘Autopilot’ is just the start of a critical reboot

TeslaTesla has always been about pushing full speed toward a tech-tastic future. CEO Elon Musk wouldn’t settle for making a luxurious, sexy, environmentally-friendly electric car. He made one that could hit 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. Then 2.8 seconds. Then 2.5—all the while ratcheting up the range, from the original 265 miles per charge to the current, top of the line 335. Click here for more… (by WIRED)

Author: Jack Stewart