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Quantum Computing set to revolutionise the Health Sector

When people talk about the future of the health sector, we normally understand that to mean preventive medicine, tailored healthcare, automating certain surgical operations using robots, aggregating patient data to establish a more accurate health profile and – not least – all the new apps that allow us to track the state of our bodies on a daily basis.


Optimising treatments through computing
With its extraordinary computing power, a quantum computer is potentially able to solve highly complex problems, in particular optimisation issues. In the field of healthcare, quantum computers will ‟make it easier to analyse genetic information and identify a person’s genetic heritage,” Murray Thom, Director of Professional Services at D-Wave, one of the first companies to develop commercial applications for quantum computers, explained to L’Atelier, adding: ‟Researchers will then be able to use this information to decide on treatment options.”

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Smart ring market to benefit from consumer and healthcare

Smart RingsA new report from market research firm Scalar Market Research forecasts an “impressive” rate of growth for the smart ring market to 2022.

As wearables continue to shrink in size, they are moving from wrist-worn devices to those that can be worn on a finger. Such “smart rings” not only function as jewelry, but can connect to a user’s smartphone, offer gesture control, provide activity tracking, and be used to make contactless payments.

According to the Scalar Market Research report, key factors promoting the global growth of the smart ring market include the rise in demand for Internet of Things (IoT) and increased use of wearables. In particular, says the report, various cloud computing applications in commercial as well as healthcare – especially those used to address an increased prevalence of diseases – are to drive the market’s growth.

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