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How CEO Marc Benioff drives relentless forward thinking at Salesforce

Mark BenioffInnovation, like creativity, is an amorphous concept. It’s the holy grail of business, but achieving it—even merely explaining it—is lightning-in-a-bottle difficult.

In that way, Salesforce (CRM, -0.41%) is a major outlier. Despite the fact that its products are mundane business productivity tools, Salesforce has nevertheless managed to bake innovation into its very corporate fiber. It’s a company that was innovative in the way it started doing business, in how it sold its products, and in the articulation of its corporate mission.

Indeed, asking cofounder and CEO Marc Benioff, 53, to describe how Salesforce is innovative is a bit like asking Plácido Domingo to hum a few bars of a favorite aria. With little provocation Benioff will rattle off the three ways Salesforce has been a trailblazer since its inception nearly two decades ago. “I think our top three are a ­technology model which is now known as the cloud, the subscription business model, and our 1-1-1 model,” he says, referring to the company’s philanthropic ­commitment to give away 1% each of equity, products, and employee hours. Click here for more… (by Adam Lashinsky)

SalesForce.com – Partner Community

This is definitely one of the powerful capabilities of SalesForce.com. I personally held the project of Partner Community development within service providers: setting – testing – deployment – training – adoption, 5 steps in 3 weeks. The other benefits are related to the improve the partnership, avoid email rounding, increasing the productivity within a structured communication via the tool. The final customers experience a decreased response time, a good level of information due to automatic notifications. On the other side, internally the company has a better control the workflow on checking the metrics related to the mean time to repair and gets an accurate costs analysis. It is definitely a ‘Win Win’ solution.