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Inside Salesforce’s Quest to bring Artificial Intelligence to everyone

Salesforce EinsteinStarting two years ago, a band of artificial-intelligence acolytes within Salesforce escaped the towering headquarters with the goal of crazily multiplying the impact of the machine learning models that increasingly shape our digital world—by automating the creation of those models. As shoppers checked out sofas above their heads, they built a system to do just that.

They named it after the Transformers leader because, as one participant recalls, “machine learning is all about transforming data.” Whether the marketing department thought better of it, or the rights weren’t available, the Transformers tie-in didn’t make it far out of that basement.

Instead, Salesforce licensed the name of a different world-transforming hero—and dubbed its AI program Einstein.

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(author: Scott Rosemberg)

Why and how to be a self learnt Salesforce App Developer?

SalesForce.com learningDo you want to be a Salesforce professional, then you are on the right track. Anyone either from a software background or fresher can start career in Salesforce. If you are new to software technology, then still you can start and opt the career in Salesforce.

For that either you can take proper training from any institute or use the Salesforce website itself, where you can find enough resources to learn and experience the Salesforce either its earlier Classic version or the newly launched Salesforce Lightning platform.

Yes, friends the recently launched Salesforce Lightning is the future of CRM and the company has declared to launch all new features for Lightning only.SalesForce Lighting

So, learning Salesforce Lightning is always recommended to the new Salesforce Professionals. Click here for more…