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Smart technology to manage respiratory diseases

PropellerPropeller’s digital platform is intended to help asthma and COPD patients and their physicians record and monitor medication usage, review symptoms, and receive other information about their disease management and its impact.

When used under the care of a physician with a prescribed MDI, the system can be used to reduce the frequency of respiratory health symptoms and exacerbations by increasing adherence to MDI medications through the use of feedback such as reminders and notifications, and self-management education.

Patients use the Propeller platform by attaching a sensor to their existing inhaler. The sensor then tracks medication usage and location data and delivers insights to the patient via their smart phone, mobile phone, or desktop portal, including medication adherence reminders, air quality forecasts, symptom triggers, and disease management tips to help them self manage their disease.

Product Case Study by Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTx)