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Raman-on-a-chip boost for handheld medical applications

dermatologist-inspectingRaman spectroscopy (or Raman spectroscopy) is a powerful technique, most often used to determine chemical and material composition with applications in the medical, food and even space industries.

“With the right partners we see many application opportunities in areas like melanoma detection, or skin hydration. In the medical domain, we see opportunities for in-line measurements during surgery or endoscopy.”said Pol Van Dorpe, principal member of the technical staff at IMEC.

This technique uses a laser light source to irradiate a sample, and generates an infinitesimal amount of Raman scattered light, which is detected as a Raman spectrum using a CCD camera.

I have been laerning about this incredible method of analysis in my fomer company PerkinElmer, one of the biggest player in the chemical analysis devices. (Raman Station 400)

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