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Robotic trends for 2020 in the medical field

Medical robotsFrom recreational robots such as drones, to critical operational robots in the medical field, robotic technology is changing our daily lives. Robots are everywhere — from robotic wearables, hands, and arms, medical devices, and even biomorphic drones that model the behaviour of bees.

Medical robots

    Due to more accurate diagnosis methods, the amount of non-invasive and minimally invasive surgeries has skyrocketed. This is putting an increasing strain, both physically and organisationally, on surgeons that carry out these procedures. Robot alternatives, therefore, offer an advantage to the public health service. For example, endoscopy, which is a minimally invasive surgery that allows doctors to inspect the inside of a patient, is one procedure that robots have been developed to support.

    Endoscopy robots must be compact and consistently precise. For this reason, when French company EndoControl was developing its new endoscopy ViKY system, it chose a range of Faulhaber brushless DC-motors, which help to achieve the required precision and consistency.

    With a complimentary gearhead fitted these motors have a broad selection of reduction ratios available ranging from approximately 3:1 to 1500:1, which gives extensive adjustment of the speed and torque of the device. In the ViKY systems up to 700 mNm of precise movement was achieved using Faulhaber drive systems.

    These types of developments are crucial in ensuring medical facilities can cope with the rising number of surgeries, all while reducing fatigue, preserving surgeon well-being and avoiding burn out.

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(source: EEnews Europe)