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Will wearable devices make us healthier?

the Economist - wearable devices(The ECONOMIST) – Health- and life-insurance companies seem to think wearable devices can actually make users healthier. They are increasingly underwriting the cost of a range of wearables, including devices from Fitbit, Garmin and Polar.

Aetna and UnitedHealthcare, two big American health insurers, recently created a plan that subsidised the cost of Apple’s pricey watch. Customers of other insurers willing to upload their movement data can obtain a discount on health or life insurance. The more active they are, the greater the financial reward.

    Yang Zheng, the boss of Ping An Health Insurance in Shanghai, says that 1.5m customers are already uploading activity data every day. But are these efforts any more than a gimmick? Wearables have long been a bit of a joke, with some complaining that their “time to drawer”—the time it takes for people to lose interest and abandon them—can be measured in months.

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Piezo-based energy harvesting within medical implants

medical-piezoheart0(Bill Schweber / EENews) – Researchers developed a prototype energy-harvesting transducer for medical implants, such as pacemakers, using normal motion of the heart-related blood vessels to generate critical power.

    Energy harvesting from the human body (approximately 100W of consumption at rest) in various forms appears to be a near-perfect power source fit for implanted medical devices, but practical issues have impeded its adoption as a solution.

Funded by a five-year NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award, a research team at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College worked with UT Health San Antonio (part of the University of Texas) and developed a new way to build a piezo-based harvesting transducer for these medical devices.

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Digital to manage business partners

DigitalHow many times did you think how to improve the workflow with your external business partners? Here is the solution!

I had the chance to put in place a fantastic project of Digital Transformation.

Operating within healthcare and pharma business, with enormous amount of regulatory constraints and laws & rules, the challenge seemed huge.
From 2008, the company I’m working currently, adopts Salesforce.com as CRM platform to manage the medical information activities on the markets.

The business need
In 2014 the medical device business started to grow, but not having the necessary critical mass to hire service engineers and manage internally the service (installation, planned maintenance, repair, de-installation, spare parts management etc.).

The only solution was to keep the service management via External Service Providers, but e-mail in & out and the workload with them was enormous.

The meeting held by Massimo Ferrari, Salesforce Specialist, about other topics was the turning point: he suggested us the Partner Portal technology to manage our external service providers.

That said, after Massimo’s suggestion, we managed the implementation of a pilot project to open a Partner Portal and give a disciplined access to our service provider.

We changed the entire paradigm because from that time we understood that Salesforce was not any longer only a CRM, but a pure company platform to manage many internal / external workflows.

The solution
The pilot was so successful that after 4 years this became a company best practice.

The external companies engaged are now 8, managing 4.000 devices in 14 different countries and the average amount of cases (tickets) processed it’s around 2.300 and the service level perception by our customer increased accordingly.

Salesforce Community Cloud

We appreciated so much this technology that we extended the adoption to other company areas to manage customers, compliance tasks as well as vendors selection, reaching very good results.

Now this module is called Community Cloud and became during the years more and more complete.

I do think that a big part of Salesforce solution success is based on this incredible capability. The creation of a digital relationship with external companies is quick, safe and inexpensive.

Community Cloud