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How CEO Marc Benioff drives relentless forward thinking at Salesforce

Mark BenioffInnovation, like creativity, is an amorphous concept. It’s the holy grail of business, but achieving it—even merely explaining it—is lightning-in-a-bottle difficult.

In that way, Salesforce (CRM, -0.41%) is a major outlier. Despite the fact that its products are mundane business productivity tools, Salesforce has nevertheless managed to bake innovation into its very corporate fiber. It’s a company that was innovative in the way it started doing business, in how it sold its products, and in the articulation of its corporate mission.

Indeed, asking cofounder and CEO Marc Benioff, 53, to describe how Salesforce is innovative is a bit like asking Plácido Domingo to hum a few bars of a favorite aria. With little provocation Benioff will rattle off the three ways Salesforce has been a trailblazer since its inception nearly two decades ago. “I think our top three are a ­technology model which is now known as the cloud, the subscription business model, and our 1-1-1 model,” he says, referring to the company’s philanthropic ­commitment to give away 1% each of equity, products, and employee hours. Click here for more… (by Adam Lashinsky)

SalesForce.com – Multiple currencies in campaign hierarchies

SF.com Marketing CloI experienced that there is a system limit within the SalesForce.com suite: there is NO possibility to set up the campaigns hierarchy in case the single campaigns have been created with a different currency from the parent one.


This is vital for our organization and for all the multinational companies which would like to identify the overall costs of a strategic campaigns declined in the different territories and also to calculate the ROI.

The system itself has been projected to have in all the Object with a field currency the correspondent field ‘converted’ in order to have all the amounts also in the consolidated currency: the user could easily use on setting up a hierarchical campaigns report the currency ‘converted’ fields to summarize.

I hope that the SalesForce developing team should recover immediately: please click on the IDEA link below to vote.

Thank you for your help.