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Pack Health won Salesforce Healthcare Experience Trailblazer Award

pack-healthpngPack Health, a leading digital health coaching platform for chronic care monitoring, has been named the winner of Salesforce’s Healthcare Experience Trailblazer Award for the success of its Health Advising program and commitment to improving the patient experience in healthcare.

Pack Health customized the Salesforce platform to develop and deliver diagnosis-specific, one-on-one coaching programs for individuals with chronic conditions. The company then integrated evidence-based content, metrics and devices into the platform to optimize and augment its human-to-human engagement model.

phfeature2With weekly coaching calls and personalized follow up, Pack Health members enjoy a better and more connected healthcare experience, and improve their health behaviors and outcomes as measured by validated Patient Reported Outcomes Measures and clinical measures.

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Graphene transistors device promises DNA testing in minutes

crispr Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats(Rich Pell – Smart2.0) – Engineers at the UC Berkeley (Berkeley, CA) and the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) of The Claremont Colleges (Claremont, CA) have combined CRISPR – a genome editing tool – with graphene transistors to create a hand-held device that can detect specific genetic mutations in a matter of minutes.

The device, dubbed CRISPR-Chip (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats), could be used to rapidly diagnose genetic diseases or to evaluate the accuracy of gene-editing techniques, say the scientists.
To demonstrate CRISPR-Chip’s sensitivity, the researchers used the device to detect two common genetic mutations in blood samples from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) patients.

    “We have developed the first transistor that uses CRISPR to search your genome for potential mutations,” says Kiana Aran, an assistant professor at KGI who conceived of the technology while a postdoctoral scholar at UC Berkeley. “You just put your purified DNA sample on the chip, allow CRISPR to do the search, and the graphene transistor reports the result of this search in minutes.”

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AT&T’s new smartwatch will drive transformation in healthcare


AT&T is connecting the first medical wearable certified for its LTE-M low-powered network.
The carrier teamed up with OneLife Technologies Corp, a mobile healthcare software and data-collection company, to develop the OnePulse smartwatch, which is designed with telehealth and remote patient monitoring capabilities.

The OnePulse smartwatch will be available for purchase by healthcare providers in March.

AT&T is also exploring ways to transform the healthcare space beyond connected wearables, making the company a more attractive partner for providers looking for a wide range of digital health solutions.

In January, the carrier landed a partnership with Chicago-based Rush University Medical Center to become the first US hospital to leverage 5G.

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