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To an Artificial Intelligence, every eye tells a Story

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can already screen for diabetic retinopathy by analyzing a retinal scan; in the future, the technology could be used to predict the risk for heart disease—and even dementia.

In strictly neurological terms, though, your retinas are extensions of your central nervous system.

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Big Data and the end of painful, invasive medical procedures

The scientist has made a career of replacing invasive, painful, and dangerous procedures with simple, cheap tests that can be performed almost anywhere.

Just this year, a blood panel he developed to detect genetic birth defects has been taken by more than three million women, replacing the need for amniocentesis and giant, uterus-puncturing needles. At the WIRED25 Summit Monday morning, Quake pronounced, perhaps jokingly, that colonoscopies were next. Vigorous applause ensued.

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