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DXC launches cloud health platform in interoperability push


DXC Technology has launched a digital health platform designed to enable interoperability between healthcare providers.

DXC Open Health Connect is an effort to link up disparate healthcare IT systems so that care providers can more easily share information that has the potential to improve patient care.

The cloud-based platform offers a digital toolkit consisting of an analytics module, an interoperability module and a set of APIs through which new healthcare applications can be launched.

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Medically accurate vital signs measurement using a smartphone

Leman Micro DevicesLeman Micro Devices (LMD), backed by major players within the mobile device industry, has announced that its V-Sensor and App integrated with next-generation smartphones will assist diagnosis by physicians and drive growth in remote medical consultation services by enabling patients to self-measure their own vital signs with medical accuracy for online appointments with doctors.

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Skin electronics combine biomedical sensors with stretchable display

wearable monitoringAt the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2018 annual meeting taking place in Austin, Texas, professor Takao Someya from the University of Tokyo unveiled what he believes will be the future of health-monitoring for our ageing society, a fully conformable and comfortable skin-wearable health monitoring system.

The prototype described in a presentation titled “Continuous health-monitoring with ultraflexible on-skin sensors” consists of gold nanomesh-based breathable skin sensors and an elastic display that fits snugly on the skin, so recorded data (such as an electrocardiogram or temperature) can be made readily visible for the patient.

Combined with a wireless communication module, this integrated biomedical sensor system could transmit biometric data to the cloud for physicians to monitor.

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