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eHealth Exchange selects InterSystems to support expansion

InterSystems, a global leader in information technology platforms for health, business, and government applications, announced it has been selected by the eHealth Exchange and took the challenge.

The eHealth Exchange has unique roots and began as a federal program initiative under the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), which helped to incubate it as part of the NwHIN efforts. The eHealth Exchange is now supported by The Sequoia Project and has blossomed into a rapidly growing community of exchange partners.

Consider what happened with the DICOM protocol, radiology industry agreed the same image protocol to exchange radiological images through different platforms: High Resolution images flowing through the network, available also for post-processing tasks.

This harmonization generated a branch industry from scratch: Carestream, GE Healthcare, Philips as well as Siemens Healthineers: eHealth Exchange is doing the same, put in place a kind of standard to share healthcare information accordingly.

Thinking future applications, an enourmous amount of healthcare data could be used for analysis via Deep Learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify inferences not visibile to humans: diseases clusterization, possible risk causes and trends, the applications could be incredible.


From a patient stand point, the advantage of a common health data protocol could be the possibility to access to any of the health information, collected in different facilities, avoiding any possible missing data: give to your own phisician access to your own data automatically, without taking old-fashioned CD could be fantastic.

I do think we’ll hear soon news from InterSystems whcih has the technological capabilities to reach the goal.

Digital Health

Digital HealthDigital Health is becoming the new frontier of the Digital Transformation due to its impact on social basis. To understand the importance of this field or research and business, consider big part of the investment put in place by pharma and healthcare companies all over the world: Johnson & Johnson built the technological incubator, GE Healthcare set up a brand new branch called Digital and more and more example could follow. Just to give you an idea of the impact, the FDA published a page (Mobile Health Apps Interactive Tool) to give precise advice on how to develop new technologies following the necessary regulatory aspect.

All these new applications would not been able to have this kind of technological increasing without the necessary basis: Cloud Computing, Big Data, Wearable Computing are the most important, without these “new tech” any possible development could be sometimes so expensive and some other probably technically impossible.

Last but not least the epidemiological studies which could be put in place via the big data analysis should have an incredible impact in terms of public safety control, to enhance efficiency in the healthcare, avoiding costs and losing time for the patients / operators, having as final results to save economical resource within the public health sector which is under enormous pressure since years.

What are the main areas of application?
• Wireless Medical Devices
• Mobile medical apps
• Health IT
• Telemedicine
• Medical Device Data Systems
• Medical device Interoperability
• Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)
• General Wellness
• Cybersecurity