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GSK, Viant give blockchain-based tracking a shot

Dive Brief
Viant, an Ethereum-based blockchain platform built for supply chains, will collaborate with pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline and several others to speed deployment of blockchain-based supply chain systems.
– For the biopharma industry, blockchain could help manage complicated supply chains and provide the means to track use of licensed technologies — an area GSK plans to explore with Viant, according to a release.
– Other companies participating in Viant’s beta test include Imaginea, a zero carbon venture; Microsoft; The Wold Wildlife Fund, which seeks to create more sustainable fisheries, and an unspecified oil and gas company.

Dive Insight
The pharmaceutical industry is experimenting blockchain, partly in an effort to meet Drug Supply Chain Security Act standards.
“In the near future governments and regulatory bodies will recognize the power of blockchain technology and mandate its use in the pharmaceutical industry,” said Tyler Mulvihill, cofounder of Viant. “For example, the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act has mandated unit-level track and traceability for pharmaceuticals by 2023. Blockchain is an amazing way accomplish this in a provably immutable way.”

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Nvidia to launch cryptocurrency mining graphics cards


According to reports, Nvidia (Santa Clara, CA) is planning to launch graphics cards specifically designed for mining cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. One such card is listed on the site of computer maker Asus (Taipei, Taiwan).
Called the ASUS Mining P106, it is described as being “designed for coin mining” and “delivering maximum hash-rate production at minimum cost.”
ASUS Mining P106
The Mining P106 is based on the Nvidia RX 470 graphics processing unit (GPU). Such video gaming GPUs are often used in cryptocurrency mining applications, however dedicated mining cards can dispense with video ports and connectors.
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