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FaceBook Aquila’s first flight

FaceBook Aquila droneThe internet provides information, opportunity and human connection, yet less than half the world has access. We’re proud to announce the successful first test flight of Aquila, the solar airplane we designed to bring internet access to people living in remote locations. This innovative plane has the wingspan of an airliner but weighs less than a small car and flies on roughly the power of three blow dryers — incredible! Click here to see the clip…

The technology behind Aquila


Drones build rope bridge that humans can cross

Quadcopter drones have been programmed to build a rope bridge capable of supporting the weight of a human. The project was the result of a joint study by two researchers – one specialising in robotics, the other architecture – at ETH Zurich University’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control and Gramazio Kohler Research. They hope the technology could eventually be used to save lives. (by Federico Augugliaro, PhD Student)