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Artificial Intelligence predicts cardiovascular risk from retinal images

retinal imagesGoogle researchers predicted cardiovascular risk factors not previously thought to be quantifiable in retinal images using artificial intelligence, according to a study published in Nature Biomedical Engineering. Scientists were able to identify risk factors such as age, gender, smoking status, blood pressure and major adverse cardiac events by only looking at the eye.

Cardiovascular diseases are lethal and widespread
According to the WHO, an estimated 17 million people die of cardiovascular diseases, particularly heart attacks and strokes, every year. Looking only at the statistics of heart diseases, one in every fourth deaths occurs due to heart conditions in the United States.

The European Society of Cardiology published its study about the heart health of 45 countries (European nations, some former Soviet states, North Africa and parts of the Middle East). It turned out that heart disease accounts for over 50 percent of all deaths in many middle-income European countries, compared with less than 30 percent in the high-income countries of Western Europe. These terrifying numbers truly show the need for prevention and timely intervention.
In the future, artificial intelligence-based predictions could be the answer!

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Parachute App – now you can practice your sport with your Cardiologist behind you!

Parachute AppIt’s incredible how life is changing due to the new technologies adoption…here we have now the App which monitors us during our physical exercise. The idea came up from Nicola Gaibazzi M.D. and Claudio Reverberi M.D., cardiologists, who identified the need of having a kind of heart protection during the sport practice. The Parachute App, after the installation, gives you the possibility to link the smartphone to the monitor belt set on your chest and via Bluetooth captures continuously the heart rate: the algorithm, behind the scenes, tracks eventual anomalies and in case of emergency the smartphone sends SMS to preset numbers with the geo–localization details.