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Intel’s 15 billion reasons why an AI Chip revolution has arrived

Intel AIAI isn’t just changing internet services, cars, robotics, and healthcare. It’s changing the computer chip market too. This shift was underlined when Intel said it would pay $15.3 billion to acquire Mobileye, an Israeli company that makes chips and cameras for cars and trucks, including the self-driving variety. The purchase will be Intel’s second largest ever, following its $16.7 billion acquisition of chip-maker Altera in 2015. The Altera buy was also driven, in part, by the recent rise of machine learning, where machine can learn discrete tasks on their own. Click here for more…

Author: Klint Finley

Why OpenAI is so important for our future

OpenAIThis was in the past our biggest dream or nightmare, the Artificial Intelligence is now part indirectly of our life as soon as the Big Data field has become central into the statistical studies of human behaviors.

Why do Elon Musk and Sam Altman together with other new-tech Gurus create the Open AI? First of all because they had a vision, as soon as this knowledge is available to everyone the more it should be possible to use it to spread benefits all over the different countries in the world and second in order to avoid any knowledge concentration in the hands of few people and companies.

A.I. has enormous capabilities, consider only in the near future the cars self-driving and all the other applications in which you need to have tremendous adaptive skills.

Do you want an example of AI sophisticated algorithm?

How many times have you been in a restaurant and probably after weeks your smart phone ask you a feedback on it?
The fact is that someone is asking for it into any of the Google applications….
How does Google know that I have been there?
It’s easy, the algorithm made a cross check between the geographical coordinates (restaurant) and the time frame you have been there (for dinner): that’s it!

SalesForce Einstein

SalesForce.com EinsteinHow should be possible to have your own Artificial Intelligence tool ready to help me on selling more and better? The answer is SalesForce.com, the most famous CRM platform in the world. The more the companies are playing with Big Data the more they want to have also the predictable trends on sales, service, customers habits: this is no more the game of few, it’s now part of the value proposition of the company founded by Marc Benioff, based in San Francisco.
Basically the new capability will help users on qualifying Leads, recommend the best steps to finalize the Opportunity, identify new deals analyzing historical data coming from the different internal company sources. To be honest call SalesForce only a CRM system is becoming reductive, for what we see and what I personally experience every day, the system could be easily defined as platform in which every company, from smallest to the biggest could tailor its own solutions including “ready to go” best practice and developing vertical workflow.