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Big Data & Digital Supply Chain: conference hold by the LIUC University

LUIC conference

How big data could influence Supply Chain?
This is the real question that the speakers by the conference hold by the LIUC University, the firms present like Amazon, BTicino, Xerox, UPS gave their own prospective on what has been done already and what should be the future to better manage the entire business.

Keywords of the conference were:

– predictivity via Big Data on customer behaviors
IoT (Internet of Things) applied to track goods
AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help the operators take the better choice


The presence and the big players on the systems side like Microsoft, SAP, SAS, Vodafone gave the IT point of view on this business: they are all becoming more and more business partner, capturing needs, identifying new way of workflow optimization, providing the best solution.
All of them agreed to change the current mood and apply an holistic approach to the entire workflow, from the beginning till the end.

The event was well organized and rich of interesting case studies: click here for more…

Amazon is opening Grocery Stores so you don’t have to shop in them

Amazon groceryYes, Amazon is opening a string of physical groceries—or at least that’s the word from The Wall Street Journal, which cites multiple anonymous sources familiar with the matter. According to the paper, Amazon calls this Project Como, and the first store is planned for the company’s home city of Seattle, Washington. Click here for more…

Author: Davey Alba