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Salesforce rolls out blockchain platform for data sharing

Salesforce & BlockchainSalesforce is employing blockchain to strengthen ties between institutions and its consumer bases.

Its latest product for customer network building, a blockchain platform promising minimal coding, leverages the technology to reduce the “trust gap” between partners in data sharing.

Salesforce Blockchain is built on the open source of Hyperledger Sawtooth, a technology for running ledgers. It’s customized for Salesforce Lightning, creating more trust between partners, according to the company.

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A ‘better Bitcoin’ on the way?

BitcoinAcademics from various U.S. colleges including MIT, Stanford University, and the University of California, Berkeley have teamed up to create a digital currency designed to be able to process as many as 10,000 transactions a second, which is thousands of times faster than Bitcoin and quicker even than credit card payments processor Visa.

Called Unit-e, the new virtual currency is the first project initiative of the just-launched Distributed Technologies Research (DTR), a non-profit foundation formed by the academics with backing from hedge fund Pantera Capital to develop decentralized technologies. DTR is funding a distributed collaboration of researchers from top universities across the US, working on the unsolved technical challenges of blockchain scalability.

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IoT Solutions World Congress – October 2018

IoT World Congress 2018 - Barcellona (ES)
IoT Solutions World Congress
Barcellona (ES) 16-18 October 2018

Disruption in the healthcare industry is accelerating even more rapidly due to the adoption of technologies now categorized as part of the “Internet of Things”. With the plethora of new applications and devices connecting to traditional healthcare information systems, and healthcare organizations now inter-connecting—through ubiquitous and persistent network connectivity—the resulting data tsunami is forcing a transformation in how information is collected, aggregated, interpreted, and ultimately acted upon.

Come learn how the Internet of Things is changing healthcare. Speakers will cover topics including “what works” as well as challenges such as emerging standards, the regulatory environment, and taming the complexity inherent to introducing new technology in healthcare.
IoT Solutions World Congress 2018

We will share use cases, describing how healthcare organizations are already applying IoT to improve the delivery of care, clinical outcomes, and to drive operational efficiencies. Learn how companies are overcoming internal politics and regulatory issues on the path to connected healthcare. Discover healthcare wearables, security in mobile healthcare, and how to improve patient care through the efficient use and distribution of data.

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