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The future of Clinical Trials: how AI & Big Tech could help drug development

new drug process(CB Insights) – Testing new drugs is a slow, expensive, and manual process. Artificial intelligence has the potential to disrupt every stage of the clinical trials process — from matching eligible patients to studies to monitoring adherence and data collection.

    The process is inefficient for other stakeholders too: drug trials average nearly a decade, costing up to billions of dollars. Many trials fail due to enrollment issues. The $65B clinical trials market needs a makeover.

clinical trial phases

Artificial intelligence is touted as the magic bullet for everything, and the technology could have huge potential for streamlining the clunky clinical trial process, from IoT for remote monitoring, to machine learning for EHR processing, to AI-based cybersecurity for data protection.

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Will wearable devices make us healthier?

the Economist - wearable devices(The ECONOMIST) – Health- and life-insurance companies seem to think wearable devices can actually make users healthier. They are increasingly underwriting the cost of a range of wearables, including devices from Fitbit, Garmin and Polar.

Aetna and UnitedHealthcare, two big American health insurers, recently created a plan that subsidised the cost of Apple’s pricey watch. Customers of other insurers willing to upload their movement data can obtain a discount on health or life insurance. The more active they are, the greater the financial reward.

    Yang Zheng, the boss of Ping An Health Insurance in Shanghai, says that 1.5m customers are already uploading activity data every day. But are these efforts any more than a gimmick? Wearables have long been a bit of a joke, with some complaining that their “time to drawer”—the time it takes for people to lose interest and abandon them—can be measured in months.

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