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Augmented reality guides orthopedic surgery

augmented realityResearchers have developed an augmented reality (AR) technique to visualize 3D virtual guidance lines directly on a patient during fluoroscopy-guided orthopedic surgery — reducing procedure time and radiation, according to a study published in the April 2018 issue of the Journal of Medical Imaging.

“Using a marker that is visible by the x-ray system and the head-mounted display, we can immerse the surgeon in an augmented reality environment in unprepared operating rooms,” co-author Mathias Unberath, PhD, told. “From a clinical perspective, our hope is that such less-intrusive systems will find broader application since their benefit is not outweighed by notable disruption of the surgical workflow.”

fluoroscopy monitor

“Our recent research on medical augmented reality has focused on enabling this technology in the operating room without substantial changes to the clinical workflow,” he said. “We wanted to provide virtual content designated for procedural guidance at the surgical site to help hand-eye coordination in image-guided procedures, suggesting that we needed to somehow calibrate the AR display to the patient or images of the patient.”

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What to expect from Digital Health in 2018?

Digital Health 2018

The first digital pill was approved by the FDA. Chinese researchers created the first gene-edited embryos. Microsoft launched a new healthcare division. 2017 was a year full of marvelous advancements in healthcare. So what’s next?

As The Medical Futurist, my whole life is dedicated to digital health and how it should advance. My lifeblood is technology, healthcare and their intersection. At The Medical Futurist Institute, we work with governments and policy-makers worldwide to help them synthesize all the changes so they can get the most out of those in their country.

Yet, unfortunately, I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t even think this is what futurists should do, but people expect me to come up with predictions about digital health for every year. Yet, instead of blank forecasts, I point out trends every year. It’s no different this year either, so here are my expectations for 2018!

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