Michele Vespasiani

💊 🚑 – Up to 20 years of experience in the healthcare arena, from medical device to pharma as well as surgery facility management. I have been working for more than 12 years in multinational environment operating on Business Process Management, Process Improvement, Commercial Excellence in the sales, marketing and service area: I also assimilated how to negotiate with C level as well as operative personnel and I accordingly improved my the multicultural communication skills.

📈 📊 – I’m hardly focused on process improvement adopting the Six Sigma, PMI Business Analysis methodologies learned and applied during the years. I finalized business cases analysis in order to identify profitability index, collecting local peculiarities in the different countries within the different sales strategy.

👨‍💼 – I’m always been customer focused and identified as problem solver so to suggest and run continuous improvement projects: pure team player with also a high level of leadership, I always put the final result at the first place.

📶 💻 – I put technology and innovation as pillar of my action so to increase profitability and productivity: I have a specific knowledge as Salesforce administrator (CRM, up to 12 years of experience), SAP logics (material management, sales and distribution), experienced in system integration via ETL platforms.

Salesforce BASECAMP Milano 2019, board members of the first official Salesforce User Group in Italy.

AUSED roundtableRoundtable speaker “The CRM, how to change the customer relationshipAused – April 2017

Commercial Excellence Manager

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