Intelligent wearables are coming to a doctor near you

wearable_technology_healthcare_blog_mobisoft_infotech (PeerBits) – An average wearable and fitness tracker app , that you can see on everybody’s wrist from a $20 Mi Fit to $300 Fitbit, can track activity levels, sleep and can even count the calories you eat. Newer models can even track blood pressure, oxygen saturation in the blood and stress levels.

    The industry is rising at pace nobody expected with Credit Suisse estimating the industry to be worth between $3 – $5 billion, and over 50,000 apps available for download.

The future is brighter than the brightest for intelligent wearable devices. Sooner than later, they will perform tasks that will make life patient with chronic conditions easier, let clinicians to remotely monitor these patients in real time.

FDA approval and HIPAA privacy are significant concerns for patients, and while these establishments are aware of the rising trend of smart wearable devices, whether developers meet these demands or not, remains to be seen.

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