Flexible sweat patch provides electrochemical and more readouts

patchA team of international researchers led by the Northwestern University of Illinois has developed a thin and flexible wearable patch that integrates modularly a chronometric microfluidics platform with embedded colorimetric assays together with a re-usable readout electronics layer.

Inspired by biofuel cell designs, the patch operates battery-free, with a clever microfluidic channel design that leverages sweat pressure to reach different reagents and electrochemical sensors in a mode where target analytes spontaneously generate electrical signals proportional to their concentration.

patchDescribed in a paper titled “Battery-free, skin-interfaced microfluidic/electronic systems for simultaneous electrochemical, colorimetric, and volumetric analysis of sweat” published in Science Advances, the soft disposable microfluidic network was built from a silicone elastomer.

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